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How to beat the first epic battle

First, get the More initial mana, More mana per Kill, Lower cost gems, and the More mana per second skills, and put whatever points you have left into more initial lower gems.

Build up your defenses right at the monster spawn. Build towers in every available spot next to the first few turns at the beginning.

Every time you find yourself with excess mana, buy a mana pool upgrade. You will need at least 5k mana to beat this.

-Armor gems (purple) and shock gems (aqua) are THE MOST IMPORANT gems in this run. Stack as many high level purple and aqua gems as you can right at the beginning of the spawn track. Doing this will allow you to build up your mana for the final boss fight as you will be able to take down the higher armor monsters with ease.

If you can't get at least 5 grade 5 or higher purple gems by the 24th wave, than it will be very difficult to beat this level. The high armor monsters come out on the 28th wave, so have everything set up before then. You will need to build up your mana with waves 28-31 as to havce enough for the boss to make a second trip around.

As for water trenches, save off on those until you have built up all your towers and gems and after you have upgraded your mana to at least 5k, then lay them down all at once.

This is how I beat this level after about 20 attempts using different gem combos. Once you know how to beat it, the only thing that will stop you is getting bad luck with few purple gems.


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